Thursday, January 26, 2012

Comics I bought this week

This week was another slow week for me. I tried looking around for anything that might catch my eye, but the only thing that ever does are large hardcover collections and I don't have the money or time for those right now. This week I purchases Godzilla:Kingdom of Monsters #11, Daken:Dark Wolverine #20, X-Men Legacy #261, and The Walking Dead #93.
     I'll start with Godzilla:Kingdom of Monsters because this seems to be the penultimate issue in a series that has quickly gone downhill. The first few issues seemed to have a direct purpose and an interconnected story between numerous characters. This issue is nearly incoherent. A huge battle has happened between our strongest monsters and now a couple of the lesser monsters have come to try and control Godzilla while he is weakened. They charge him up with a nuclear explosion, but instead of being grateful he takes them out and we end almost where we began: with a bunch of monsters knocked out and lying around. It's pretty lame. The fight scenes don't make much sense thanks to Victor Santos' rushed looking art. Victor Santos has been a poor choice of artist on this book. It just doesn't play to his strengths at all. I'm very ready for this title to end. It's too bad really because the other miniseries that have spun off from it, gangsters and goliaths and legends, have been strong stories and fun to read. OH, and Eric Powell, the guy who was the selling point of the series, didn't even write this issue. Lame
     Daken:Dark Wolverine #20 is the final issue of this series. I feel ok knowing that this was it. I know some people don't like the character for numerous reasons, but I thought he was very intriguing. However, this series has gone a direction that didn't much interest me for the last 10 issues. This issue finishes that up and gets the character ready to be put on the shelf for a while; ready to make cameo appearances whenever needed(or not needed). Writer Rob Williams has tried to further our sociopathic lead by making him mortal(getting rid of his healing factor at least for the time being) and having him (basically) fall in love with someone. Sadly, the love story was very rushed (due, in part, to the books cancellation) and we can already tell that his healing factor will be back. This doesn't do much to make him a stronger character because he gets his heart(?) broken and becomes a grumpy thug again by the last page. Sad. This series could have been so much better.
     X-Men Legacy #261 brings back the villain Exodus in a story that seems organic. It's a decent story with good characterization. Exodus has come back to reunify the X-Men one way or another. He wants Mutants to survive and thinks Wolverine's team made a mistake leaving Utopia. They battle and Rogue gets to have a stand out moment by taking Kid Gladiator's powers so she can throw down with Exodus on his level. They stop and finally talk about it and Exodus reads everyone's minds and notices their motivations for leaving Cyclops. Exodus agrees that they did the right thing. Then he says something about knowing what he must do and flies away. Rogue looks at Wolverine and asks "um... Did we just get Cyclops killed?" Wolverine replies "Damn it" as they all charge off together after Exodus. It's a truly funny moment that feels right for the book. This issue is a good mix of fun, excitement with a good amount of drama and tension. A really good read.
     finally, The Walking Dead #93. This is the first part in the "A Larger World" story arc that will likely lead us to whatever huge event Robert Kirkman has planned for issue #100. This book is always good. You should read it regardless of what I say about it. A man has shown up explaining that he comes from a large group that trades and barters with other large groups. He offers Rick and our group a chance to join up with them as another part of a large community. Rick, of course, ties him up and puts everyone on alert that someone might invade. He then goes in search of this group believing the worst about them. Given his history with other groups of people we are sympathetic to his point of view. However, Andrea, believes that this might not be bad. She challenges Rick (nicely) and gets him thinking. By the end of the issue Rick is pontificating about a larger world that maybe they should be a part of...or at least take everything from this world and leave them for dead. It's a truly chilling moment. Partly because you almost thought Rick had turned back into old Rick in a moment that seemed a lot like the hope he saw in the Prison when they found it, but then we quickly see the Rick he's become since losing most of his family and friends to murderers and zombies. Again, it's good stuff, you should read it.
     That's it for this week. Let me know if you agree or disagree or if you have no idea what i'm talking about. Later!
PS don't forget to support your local comic shop. Go inside, look around, buy some stuff, you might be happy you did.

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